Supporting GROOTS in the area of Gender, SDGs and Communication Advocacy, Kenya (IN8)

Supporting GROOTS in the area of Gender, SDGs and Communication Advocacy, Kenya (IN8)

The aim of the internship: is to support GROOTS Kenya in developing and rolling out of their SDGs communication strategy.



Information about the local partner organization

GROOTS Kenya has four main programs namely: 1) Women Leadership and Governance, 2) Women and property, 3) Community Responses to HIV and AIDS and lastly 4) Community Resilience to disaster and climate change. GROOTS Kenya works in poor rural areas and urban informal settlements, where gender disparities are often highest. Here, women disproportionately shoulder the burden of the impact of climate change, HIV/AIDS, human rights violations and other forms of injustices. The work of GROOTS Kenya has ensured the growth of many women led community based and self help groups struggling to organize to respond to their development issues in Kenya. Such groups are now recognized at the local, national & international arena. GROOTS Kenya has been a champion of grassroots women work in Kenya, winning the confidence of various partners and stakeholders among them the Government of Japan,World Bank,European Union,UN-Women, UN-Habitat and the Government of Kenya. GROOTS Kenya has been in operation for over 17 years and through the years, the organization has managed to create a huge impact on the lives of the grassroots women who are ultimate beneficiaries of the change envisioned by its initiatives and interventions. (




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