Supporting the HORIZONT3000 Policy Dialogue East Africa Project, UGANDA (P10)

The aim of the internship: is the support of the Policy Dialogue (PD) Program Coordinator in implementing and coordinating the policy dialogue program as well as in its external communication. The intern will gain valuable hands-on insight into the realization of policy dialogue in East Africa, strategy development in the area of policy dialogue and multi-stakeholder engagement.


Information about the local organization

HORIZONT3000 East Africa focuses on two main sectors: i) Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Integrated Rural Development, and ii). Peace building, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights. Together with local experts, HORIZONT3000 began to develop the first training modules in the Policy Dialogue in 2016. Policy dialogue is an essential component of the policy and decision-making process, intended to contribute to informing, developing or implementing a policy change following a round of evidence-based discussions, workshops, and consultations on a particular subject. It is an integrated part of the policy-making process, and can be conducted at any level of any system where a problem is perceived and a decision, policy, plan or action needs to be made.


Further information: internship tender PDF



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