Supporting the HORIZONT3000 Enabling Rural Innovation East Africa Project, UGANDA (P11)

The aim of the internship: is the support to the ‘Enabling Rural Innovation’ East Africa Project Manager in implementing and coordinating the ERI project, in supporting the continuous networking activities as well as in the external communication of the participatory approach. Furthermore, supporting the East Africa Project Manager in monitoring the various aspects of implementation such as farmer innovations, gender, climate change, collective marketing, and farmer associations/cooperatives.


Information about the local organization

HORIZONT3000 East Africa focuses on two main sectors: i) Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Integrated Rural Development, and ii). Peace building, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights. The approach of ‘Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI)’ was developed by HORIZONT3000, TRIAS and ZOA in Kampala, Uganda which started in 2015. ERI is a continuation of the efforts to improve agricultural development in East Africa by promoting farmer driven innovation processes, it promotes application of the same methodology with a common ground for effectively sharing and exchanging experience among the farmers, across organizations and countries and helping farmers to build up profitable enterprises. ERI is a participatory approach that focuses on farmers as centre of development processes.



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