Supporting Kawempe Home Care (KHC) in Marketing strategies, Uganda (IN9)

The aim of the internship: is to support KHC in having a marketing strategy for the products made from the Skills Development Department that will enable beneficiaries to generate income for a decent living and self-sustenance.


Information about the local partner organization

Kawempe Home Care is a private not for profit Organization that started in 2007 to provide holistic care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis(TB) and Cancer in Kawempe Division, Kampala and Wakiso Districts. The organization was initiated by a group of devoted health professionals who intended to develop a sustainable community model of holistic care that comprises of treatment, prevention and support. Due to the vulnerability of the population, one of KHC‘s main service‘s is to offer palliative day care for HIV/AIDS and TB infected community members. As a medical centre KHC also provides testing services, treatment and drug supply. In addition KHC carries out community social support activities, and runs a teens’ club for skills training, through the „Beads for Education Project “patients are enabled to earn an income. (


Further information: internship tender PDF


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