Supporting FOWODE in Communication and Visibility of the SDGs, UGANDA (P21)

Supporting FOWODE in Communication and Visibility of the SDGs, UGANDA (P21)

The aim of the internship: is to support the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) with its work on advancing gender in the SDGs at local and sub national level through the development of simplified communication materials on SDGs, enhanced social media engagements, consolidating the Uganda Gender Consortium on SDGs (UGCS) and periodic progress reporting on SDGs.


Information about the local organization

FOWODE grew out of the women’s caucus of the 1994–1995 Constituent Assembly (CA) that debated and passed the 1995 Uganda constitution. During the assembly, the women delegates used the caucus to increase their political influence, broaden the base for support of women’s issues and advocate for a gender-sensitive constitution in all aspects. The success of the women’s caucus amongst others paved the way for the formation of FOWODE as a non-governmental organization to offer a platform for Ugandan women to learn, network, share experiences and advocate for gender equality and equality in decision-making processes. FOWODE continues to develop thought leaders and activists and is currently focusing on three broad actions: strengthening women’s voice and promoting gender justice in the political and economic arena; building the leadership of young people to advance women’s rights as well as foster accountable institutions; and influencing economic policy from a women’s rights perspective.



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